Meet Jedidiah Jenkins

September 12, 2020

Our First Luna Bay Ambassador!

Give us a quick overview about you (or what your mom would say if we asked her to tell us about you!)

I would be way too embarrassed to say what my mother would say. It makes me cringe even to guess. But I would say I am a writer who focuses on memoir and timeless truths. I make it my goal to distill the confusing noise of life into helpful stories and frameworks. And I get much of my inspiration from travel.

What attracted you to the Luna Bay brand? 

Two things: my friendship with the founder, Bridget. We’ve traveled the world together and I have had some of my most formative memories with her at my side. And, I love the product. I have always loved Kombucha and I certainly love drinking and getting a nice buzz with friends around a campfire. So, it really just hits all the good things in my life, friendship and flavor and happy hangs. 

How does Luna Bay fit into your lifestyle and sync with your philosophies? 

It’s healthy but not fussy, it’s good for you but fun. That is basically how I wish someone would describe my personality. 

What do you hope to achieve as a Luna Bay ambassador?

I just want people to try this thing that I adore. I want this to basically be the drink I bring to parties, to the beach, camping, to a dinner party. In truth, I love being all about it in the beginning, because a lot of people haven’t tried it yet. So they get to associate it with me which will make me cooler in their eyes. I want people to associate me with cool shit. 

Our Huckleberry Basil Collab

What was your inspiration for the design of the Huckleberry Basil can and the thoughtful quote on the side? 

I have always loved to draw. My arms are covered in tattoos that I drew myself. And I’ve always been drawn to the style of drawing in explorer notebooks, the way botanists and biologists would draw new species in their journals. I wanted to draw the flavors and ingredients in that way. 

Luna Bay is all about seizing the day — living your best life, doing good for yourself. for others, for the planet — we knew you were the perfect partner for us because we see you living this way each day. What are a few ways people can embody the LB way?

I think that one of the best things we can all do is prioritize our mental health. To give ourself space to think and breathe. This means putting down the phone, going outside, for a walk in the woods or wherever you can. Just watching the birds. For an hour a day if you can. Or even twenty minutes early in the morning. That kind of centering can change the flow of the entire day, and prepare you for the battles to come. 

How can we be there for one another?

For me this starts with being there for yourself. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t think you’re worthy of love, you won’t be any good for anybody else. The support you give will come with strings attached, rooted in insecurity. Once we know we are worthy ourselves, we believe deeply everyone else is too, and then the love and support flows out of abundance.

Are are you over the age of 21?

Yes, Let's PartyNo, I am not